About Us

AUTOGUYS; Motor Vehicle Realtors - where Auto Trading is moving! 

AUTOGUYS is a wholly-owned subsidiary of AUTOFIN Motor & Leisure Finance. 

CASH-OUT-CARS Vehicle Financing & Refinancing was incorporated into AUTOFIN in June 2020.

Your Fair-Deal Auto Guys - Sellers Get More Than Trade; Buyers Pay Less Than Retail

* AUTOGUYS is not a motor dealership that markets cars; AUTOGUYS is a marketing company that sells cars
* AUTOGUYS does not purchase cars outright for resale; AUTOGUYS sells cars by mandate on consignment
* AUTOGUYS adopts principles of real estate brokering; AUTOGUYS trades in motor vehicles in this manner
* AUTOGUYS has no public showrooms or warehouses; AUTOGUYS passes the savings directly onto clients 
* AUTOGUYS charges no brokering fees or commissions; AUTOGUYS earns on the trade equity concessions 

Scroll down for more on How We Work and Vehicle Valuations...

How We Work

AUTOGUYS is not your traditional car dealership or car buying service. We are here to broker fair deals.

Everyone is unique - and every requirement is different. There is no 'one-size-fits-all' blanket solution.

The best place to start, is to let us how exactly how we can assist you. We can then take it from there.

SELLERS - Click Here to submit your vehicle for sale  |  BUYERS - Click Here to view vehicles for sale.

We are available to chat obligation-free on WhatsApp. Alternatively, Contact Us during office hours.

Vehicle Valuations

Autoguys offers a free vehicle book value calculator, designed to give you an idea of your car's value, easily - and free-of-charge!

Developed for the South African market, using advanced algorithms & huge database of all motor vehicles on the South African market over the past 40 years, it calculates approximate book values (trade-in, wholesale, market & retail) - and shows you how much a motor dealer or car buying company will make on your car. 

Simple complete the obligation-free online form to get the approximate book value of your car.

Cars & Bakkies | MPVs & SUVs | Minivans & Buses | Bikes & Quads | Trailers & Caravans | Boats & Watercraft

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